Whole Community cast returning for season 4

It’s been a long road to relief, but reports from EW have now revealed that, in addition to Community being renewed for a fourth season, the whole cast will be returning. Yes, that includes Chevy Chase, whose very public blowout with creator Dan Harmon recently put his place at Greendale in serious jeopardy.

Calling Harmon’s writing on the show’s third season “an abomination” probably wouldn’t wash at a real audition, but this is NBC, and the ousting of the brains behind the show demonstrate clearly where the network’s loyalties lie. So, Chase is back, and the rest of the cast don’t seem to have stepped out of line during the almighty shitstorm that went down.

The whole gang, along with new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Portand, will appear at San Diego Comic Con with plans for the next run of episodes. Tell us what you think – should Chevy Chase have been sacked? Will Community be the same without Dan Harmon? Comment below.

Caroline Preece


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