News | Does Katie Holmes’ divorce mean there’ll be a Dawson’s Creek reunion movie?

We’ll try to keep this respectful, as we’re aware that people’s private lives are private, but news has just emerged that it was Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s marriage issues that had prevented a Dawson’s Creek reunion, though low-brow and ‘backwards’ by the star, for all of these years.

Keen to reconnect with her fans, long overdue at this point, Holmes wanted to reunite with former co-stars Michelle Williams, James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson on a potential movie, but was talked out of it by her husband.

A ‘source’ (we really hate that term), according to US Weekly, said: “[Producers] were begging her to sign on for a reunion movie. Tom said absolutely no way and thought going backward would be bad. She didn’t care how ‘low-brow’ he thinks Dawson’s Creek is. She wanted to do the movie and reconnect with her fans.”

Williams, although she’s the most successful of the four major cast members, has said she’s “totally up” for a reunion, and Van Der Beek, currently starring in Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23, would be open to it if someone had a “brilliant idea.”

With Jackson’s part in Fringe coming to an end this year with the show bowing out, we can’t help but think it’s the perfect time to start building up hope.

Caroline Preece


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