Review | Teen Wolf 2×07 ‘Restraint’

I’m still waiting for the dip in quality for season two of Teen Wolf, but it doesn’t seem to be coming. Not only was this week’s episode action packed and full of relationship drama, but it set up countless twists and turns to come before the series is out, and is always fast paced enough to avoid most of the unnecessary problems other soap-opera/fantasy shows like Vampire Diaries are plagued with. We’re left on one hell of a cliffhanger regarding Lydia’s ongoing madness, but most of the hour is devoted to Jackson’s problems.

He still doesn’t believe the gang about his identity as the Kanima, but with a snake ingested whole (exiting through his eye socket in another brilliantly gruesome moment of horror) and random bursts of sinister violence in the locker room, it’s only a matter of time before they lose the upper hand completely. Last week, we learnt that someone was controlling him when in his ‘fugue state,’ and this week we get a glimpse as to how. Inside of Jackson’s head is a confusing place right now, and it’s hard not to feel sorry for the psycho-jock.

The group have theory about his parents, which is a story that screams ‘cover-up.’ Supposedly dying in a car accident the day he was born, there’s obviously more to the story. Who were the couple in the opening teaser? Too long is spent on them for it to be an example of insignificant cannon fodder, so could they be Jackson’s parents? It’s unlikely, since Scott’s mother looks the same age when delivering the baby, but it’s a theory I’m keeping in my pocket for now. Other than this, no progress is made with the problem, and things look set to just kick-off further before the finale in a few weeks.

And Scott’s mother is itching closer to the big secret, a storyline that’s overly familiar with hardened fantasy fans. The difference here is that, if she discovers Scott’s werewolf condition then she’ll also stumble upon his secret relationship with Allison, and the writers have done a great job in setting up some actual stakes where that’s concerned. If she works it out, then Allison’s parents will work it out, and we’re well aware of the sort of violent fate that will befall Scott if that happens. I predict that the three main factions will team up at some point to battle the Kanima, but what happens once the mutual threat is banished is another matter.

Love is not so much in the air this week, as Scott and Allison look like they’re heading for a few problems. Jackson delivers a few spot-on home truths to Allison, and it’s hard to overlook the danger they’re both putting themselves in right now. Is it worth it? We’re surely meant to think so, but isn’t that as misguided as their own perspective? Stiles and Erica look to be a brand new potential couple, too, but I’m not sure where that leaves his relationship with Lydia. It’s most likely something to occupy him while Julia gets on with business, but these things can sometimes strike a chord with viewers.

So, that leaves us with Teen Wolf’s resident smart-bimbo, and the mystery surrounding her psychotic episodes is cleared-up somewhat. The creepy boy that’s been hanging around is actually a young Peter Hale, and Lydia is the only one who’s been speaking to him. He has a job for her to do that involves wolfs bane, her immunity, and his dead and buried corpse, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be pleasant. It’s a smart curve-ball given how much action is going on elsewhere, and we can file this under ‘serves them right’ for not letting her in on their secret werewolf club. If she had a clue what was happening to her, then maybe she would have enlisted some help a long time ago, but has instead just suffered in silence.

What do you think Lydia has to do? Will Stiles and Erica be a new couple? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Caroline Preece


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