News | Barry Watson to play Serena’s new love interest on Gossip Girl

It’s a day of romance, with a new love interest on Supernatural already announced, and now we can reveal that the much talked about new boyfriend for poor, lonely Serena will be played by actor Barry Watson. The character is a young entrepreneur (just her type).

It’s confusing, since for the last season we’d assumed they’d reunite Serena with either Dan or Nate in search of closure, and there’s only limited time to meet this new guy, love him, and lose him. Maybe we’re looking at who Serena will end up with, but we very much doubt it.

Then again, Dawson’s Creek endgame couple Pacey and Joey didn’t reunite until the last 5-minutes of the finale, and Veronica Mars and Buffy Summers both ended up alone. Time will tell, as we’ve only got 11 weeks of scandal and gossip left to go. [TV Line]


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