News | *Update* Benedict Cumberbatch for dual guest role on The Simpsons

Updated: We previously reported (below) that Benedict Cumberbatch would be featuring in a future episode of The Simpsons, and now we can confirm that the actor has booked dual parts on the show’s 24th season. He will be voicing the British Prime Minister and a “snake-like character” in the episode. [TV Line]

Like all the greats, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch has landed himself a cameo voice role on The Simpsons. The actor is fast becoming the epitome of ‘geek hero,’ with upcoming parts in The Hobbit and Star Trek sequel adding to the substantial cred acquired from his BBC show.

Reports are saying Cumberbatch landed the part by accident, after he had a meeting in the same place as The Simpsons is recorded. He says of the encounter: “I heard there was a part going in an episode. I said, ‘I hate to muscle in here guys but could I record it?’ Next thing, I’m standing in a room with all those famous voices; Bart, Marge, Homer, Lisa.”

Other British breakout stars to put forward their talents include Ricky Gervais, Simon Cowell, Tony Blair and Coldplay’s Chris Martin. It’s a fairly exclusive club, but no one’s in any doubt that Cumberbatch deserves a place in it. [InStyle]


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