Review | Pretty Little Liars 3×05 ‘That Girl is Poison’

Well, that wasn’t very exciting, was it? After a week away, and for our first review on GTTV, I was hoping for something a little more revelatory from Pretty Little Liars, but I suppose the writers are saving it for next week, when we’ve been promised a new ‘A’ team member will be uncovered. Worse than being mediocre, though, is a kind of collective amnesia and confusion among the writers, who have made some bizarre choices with some of the characters and relationships on the show. Notably, this includes Ezra and Aria’s ilicit relationship no longer being a secret; since when?

Starting with Garrett, who provides the only bit of antagonism this week, brings us to the first glaring error. Since when did he murder Maya as well as Allison? He’s in jail for killing Allison, which is obviously a set-up, and was being questioned/arrested at the same time as Maya was found dead. Obviously, the Liars and the audience suspect that whoever killed the first girl also killed the second, but is there an entire scene that’s somehow slipped my mind? I might be wrong about this, so please let me know in the comments.

Anyway, Garrett’s mother is taken ill at the start of the episode, and the girls see a hooded figure, presumably ‘A’, watching her being taken to hospital. She’s in a coma so Garrett is released from jail to see her in case the worst happens, and Spencer heads over to keep an eye on him. Whether there was any fowl play at all this week remains to be seen but, as far as the Liars are concerned, Jenna’s birthday party has been set up to distract them from whatever Garrett gets up to at the hospital.

All he gets up to is slipping his mother a note, reading “April Rose has the proof.” It’s possible that the note was meant for Spencer all along, as he had to know she’d be keeping tabs on him. Next week will no doubt be partly devoted to identifying April Rose, and it shouldn’t take too long to get Garrett out of jail and start looking for the real killer. Speaking of Spencer, the poor girl is becoming a little bit fixated with Rosewood’s mysteries; understandable when considering how many of them her family are directly connected with. Toby turns up for one scene, and the couple get a bit hot a bothered on top of a French textbook, so at least she’s having some fun.

Elsewhere, Emily has creepy Paige to deal with, and their planned date to the Katy Perry movie isn’t the only thing to crash and burn. Paige, though still annoying, proves vital to uncovering a fresh clue about ‘that night’. Apparently, Emily’s flask was laced with a powerful sedative, which caused her to lose some memory, and who knows what else. Later, after narrowly avoiding a run-in with an increasingly frazzled Lucas, Aria discovers that he was keeping the same drug in a film canister, pointing the finger firmly in his direction as the culprit. We already knew he was hanging around that night, and it looks like he was definitely involved.

And Jenna has gone public with her returning sight, so she’s a bigger threat than ever. She’s playing the nice girl this week, but we can’t see it lasting. Who’s your top suspect after this week? Will Jenna keep up her friendship with the girls? What’s Lucas up to? Let us know in the comments below.

Caroline Preece


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