News | Community’s Dan Harmon talks about firing

It’s a big, stinking mess at Community right now, with the very public falling out with cast member Chevy Chase, the firing of showrunner Dan Harmon and the leaked brief given to the actors before speaking to the press, there’s a lot of mudslinging and very little explanation.

But now Harmon himself has spoken on the matter, saying: “If 20 people call you a horse’s ass, you buy a saddle. I feel like I’m a good person and a professional, a very able leader of men. I also feel like I’m 25… Maybe I am just a jerk. To people who work above me I am a liability that isn’t worth the benefit. It’s a low-rated show that’s not generating much revenue.

“Television is a populist… medium. You’re supposed to make a hamburger that everyone wants in their mouth. But in the third season, you can see me start to go, ‘Never mind – just give me a good review in the Times!’”

It remains to be seen whether Community can survive such a huge shake-up behind the scenes, but we’ll find out when in returns in October. [TV Fanatic]


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