News | Lionsgate developing Return to Wonderland series

While lots of lucky people are hanging around Dan Diego Comic Con right now, we’re sitting here just waiting for the scoops to start rolling in. And start they have, with Lionsgate’s plans to adapt the Wonderland graphic novels into an Alice in Wonderland-themed TV show announced.

Smallville producer Brian Robbins is the guy behind it, with the stories set to be told from the perspective of the titular Alice’s daughter. The three books in the series are called Return to Wonderland, Escape from Wonderland and Beyond Wonderland.

Lionsgate TV president Kevin Beggs said this:  “As soon as I read the graphic novels, I knew there was something great there for TV. Brian Robbins was my first call, and he saw the same potential I did. Brian’s expertise, coupled with Ralph and Joe’s exceptional reimagining of the Alice in Wonderland story, is a powerful combination.”

The search for writers and actors is now underway, and the idea seems to be to get a big-name actress for Alice and a newcomer for her daughter. [TV Fanatic]


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