News | Beauty and the Beast at San Diego Comic-Con – Lana Lang, Linda Hamilton, and updating a classic

We’re not lucky enough to be in San Diego right now, but we’ve been scouring the internet for information from those who are. With new shows and old favourites alike giving away their secrets, here’s what we’ve learnt about CW’s upcoming remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Regarding the differences between Lana Lang (Smallville) and Catherine, Kristin Kreuk says the character’s more ‘emotionally restricted”. We hope that means she’ll be less weepy than Lana, as the original Linda Hamilton character was a brilliantly feminist, hard-as-nails detective.

Still, despite the series being pitched as a direct remake, she says she’s only seen “a little bit” of the original 1987 show. Talking about its status as a crime procedural, producer Sherri Cooper insists that it will be more character based, with stronger roles for women than other series on the air.

Isn’t it tragic that we’re still talking about this, when Linda Hamilton’s character from 20-years ago is more progressive than anything on now?

We can also look forward to a more ‘physical’ beast, as Jay Ryan asks audiences to expect harness work and stunts. He also says that Vincent’s look will develop over the series, and his and Catherine’s relationship will be a struggle of will-they-won’t-they romance/companionship.

We’re still unsure about how this one will update the ‘80s version of Beauty and the Beast, but, as the only fairytale idea to make it past the pilot stage this season, we’re willing to give it a go. [Digital Spy]


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