News | Elementary at San Diego Comic-Con – a female Watson, Moriarty, and Cumberbatch vs. Miller

We’re not lucky enough to be in San Diego right now, but we’ve been scouring the internet for information from those who are. With new shows and old favourites alike giving away their secrets, here’s what we’ve learnt about CBS’s Sherlock Holmes reimagining Elementary.

There have been plenty of aggravated complaints about the series’ Watson gender swap, and the producers have heard them loud and clear. “It made me laugh,” exec producer Robert Doherty said, “what would be more trying for Sherlock Holmes than living with a Watson that is a woman? To a certain degree, its incidental that Watson is a woman [and] shouldn’t make a difference.”

Ad Liu herself weighed in by praising the writers and producers for “thinking outside of the box. The gender change creates a dynamic and chemistry [that you don’t normally see]. I’m not saying that it’s romantic. It gives it a different shift – a bit of a tingle.”

But, for those who are fearing an Americanised will-they, won’t-they romance that goes against the very dynamic of a Sherlock Holmes adaptation, Doherty also assured audiences that the partnership has not been ‘designed’ that way. The show will “honour the relationship” between Holmes and Watson by focusing on the deep friendship.

Regarding the BBC’s Sherlock, which has had a largely antagonistic relationship with Elementary so far, Jonny Lee Miller (who co-starred with Benedict Cumberbatch in Frankenstein) says: “it was obviously a conversation that we had. He’s been very supportive. We wanted to make sure [the two versions were] going to be very different.”

Doherty also confirms future plans for Mycroft Holmes and James Moriarty to appear at some point, but not for a while. They say they “might hold off” on introducing Sherlock’s brother, they say of arch nemesis Moriarty: “It would be a great shame to do a Sherlock project and not have [him] appear at some time. It’s somebody I’m really looking forward to writing.”

To start with, Elementary will be dealing with Holmes’s father, calling him the “mysterious, shadowy figure” who will “cast a shadow over a lot of what we do. We’ll build and eventually make him part of the series.”

A Sherlock Holmes with daddy issues and a female roommate? We’re reserving judgement right now, but we’ll be holding on tight to our Sherlock box-sets. [TV Line]


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