News | Teen Wolf at San Diego Comic-Con – third season renewel, werewolf hunting, and abs

The Teen Wolf crew are hanging around San Diego right now, and they brought some great news with them. The MTV show, currently airing its second season, will also have a third, confirmed by Tyler Posey at Comic-Con yesterday.

Not only that, but we’ll also be getting more Teen Wolf for our money, since the third season will be extended, the episode number increased from 12 to 24. It’s worth noting that this is the longest season order MTV have ever had for a scripted series, and sets our alarm bells ringing.

The panel was incredibly light-weight (do we really care which character is hottest?) after this news, but Crystal Reed did reveal that Allison would soon be getting “incredibly bad-ass,” so we can look forward to those developments.

Filming will also be moved from Atlanta to LA so, it’s all change, no doubt brought about by the incredible quality of its first and second seasons. Posey, talking to Digital Spy, said on the show’s longevity:

“My idea of where Teen Wolf should go is… maybe shoot four or five seasons and then film a movie. I think that would be brilliant, that would be really cool. That would be my ideal run.” [Digital Spy]


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