News | Dexter at San Diego Comic-Con – sibling romance, daddy issues, and first minutes of premiere

From the preview posted earlier today, we know that season seven of Dexter will be picking up right where season six left off, with Deb stumbling upon her brother with one of his victims. Watch the clip below.

Will Deb believe any of Dexter’s excuses? “He hopes so… In that moment,” Michael C Hall says. Jennifer Carpenter adds, “She’s just taking one step at a time; she takes one step forward and is sent 10 back. She actually needs [her authority] now. It’s the one card she has to play.

“At any second — if Deb lives after what you just saw [in the promo] — she could tell someone to put cuffs on him. It’s like Dexter and Deb are just fish swimming [in opposite directions] for awhile.”

As for where the next season will be heading, showrunner Scott Buck discusses the theme of the show’s seventh year: “[it’s] really the simplest theme of all: What are the consequences of love? When told through the perspective of Dexter, it’s something completely different.”

“There was certainly a fascination that I thought Deb had with Dexter [early on],” adds Carpenter, “So it didn’t feel like it was so bizarre to play that last season. [But] I think him stabbing somebody trumps those thoughts.”

In addition to the main players, new addition Yvonne Strahovski – no stranger to Comic-Con from her days at Chuck – was on the panel. “Just in general, the energy on the sets are very different,” she said. “There were…loud, different characters on Chuck. It’s different, but it’s really great.”

There’ll be plenty of daddy issues at play, too, with a return from James Remar as Harry: “We’ll actually see original flashbacks from when Dexter was a child, and we’ll also continue to see him as Dexter’s subconscious.

As Harrison gets older and becomes more receptive, it becomes a dicier proposition every day,” Hall says of his role as the world’s dodgiest dad. “[Deb] now has a sense of what she’s dealing with with her brother, and that changes things as well. So, Dexter has someone that is really encouraging him to really face what he’s trying to pull off as a parent.” [TV Line]


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