News | 666 Park Avenue at San Diego Comic-Con – haunted houses, Terry O’Quinn, and mystery

We’re not lucky enough to be in San Diego right now, but we’ve been scouring the internet for information from those who are. With new shows and old favourites alike giving away their secrets, here’s what we’ve learnt about new ABC horror 666 Park Avenue.

We’ve had American Horror Story, not to mention the UK’s own Bedlam, in recent years, so it’s safe to say that the haunted house genre is currently big stuff on television. It’s previously not worked as well on the small screen as the big darkened rooms of cinema, but now that a formula has been struck, networks will likely flog it for all its worth.

Next up is 666 Park Avenue, starring Lost legend Terry O’Quinn and Vanessa Williams the creepy power couple running The Drake apartment building. From what we’ve seen, it looks as if the building is a kind of supernatural hell-zone, and young lovers Jane (Rachael Taylor) and Henry (Dave Annable) get more than they bargained for when they move in.

“As solid as the relationship is in the pilot, we’re going to watch varying degrees of collapse [of that relationship],” says Taylor. Annable adds, “Henry’s ambition could be his downfall.” The stress of living in the building will take its toll, as major themes of greed and power come into play: “we all have pressure points. You just have to know where to push.”

Like Lost and all the best mystery shows, the series will attempt to fill in vital back-story while still pushing the present-day story forwards each week: “[we] don’t want to teeter on these characters being stupid,” they said, hinting that Jane and Henry will wise up at some point and try to leave the building.

This sounds camp and silly, but in all the best ways. We’ll be checking it out when it premieres in the fall, but haven’t got high expectations. [TV Overmind]


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