News | Glee at San Diego Comic-Con – New York, Finchel, and Santana

We’re not lucky enough to be in San Diego right now, but we’ve been scouring the internet for information from those who are. With new shows and old favourites alike giving away their secrets, here’s what we’ve learnt about the Glee’s upcoming fourth season.

Addressing the controversial ending of season 3, Lea Michelle said, “I was so mad when I read the script, like ‘he wouldn’t do that to her and she wouldn’t let him go!’ I cried all day, my face was swollen, but it was great. After reading it over and over again I kind of understood that he was doing it for Rachel.”

Explaining how top secret the script was before shooting, producer Brad Falchuck explained their reasoning for the decision: “Rachel had a very high school idea about what love was, and I think she was graduating and so needed to understand what adult love was. And that’s what adult love looks like, making sacrifices for the person you love the most and giving everything that you think is important for them.

“We wanted to say that it was the end of the high school relationship and put it in the adult world. I wrote it one draft, and it just flew right through.”

They also addressed where some of the characters would be when the show returns, with neither Santana nor Kurt having followed Rachel to New York. They did offer a clue as to where Kurt would end up, however, teasing “Those two are best friends, so it’d be hard to keep them apart.”

And as for Rachel herself, Lea said “she’s going to be in a school with 1800 other Rachel Berry’s, so that’ll be interesting to see. It’s rare in television to, in season 4, be able to take your character to a completely new location, so I’m really excited to see her in the big city working and interacting with new people. I really do feel like I graduated from high school all over again.”

Naya Rivera weighed on her season three storyline by thanking the fans: “the impact has obviously been huge, and given me the greatest fan base I could have ever asked for. It just means so much to so many people, and I get so many stories, and tweets, and letters from girls that say that Brittany and Santana have helped them come out to their parents or become more comfortable with themselves.”

Finally, quelling rumours that not all the cast members will be returning for the new season, Falchuck said “every one of the series regulars will be on the show in some capacity, though maybe not in every episode.

“They won nationals, but now that room is half empty and they’re desperately trying to get twelve kids for sectionals. It’s nice to see them as underdogs again.”


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