News | The Vampire Diaries at San Diego Comic-Con – Katherine, Delena, and Matt’s humanity

We’re not lucky enough to be in San Diego right now, but we’ve been scouring the internet for information from those who are. With new shows and old favourites alike giving away their secrets, here’s what we’ve learnt about The Vampire Diaries’ upcoming fourth season.

With scoop from season four, executive producer Julie Plec said “we’ve been in the writer’s room for a couple of months now, and we’ve had longer than usual to prepare. One of the greatest things we discovered is that everything just feels so fresh, it feels new – familiar in all of the rights ways, but different in all of the best ways too.

“Obviously Elena’s going through this big change and Stefan and Damon are going to have to go through that with her, and for her, but all the characters, as we go towards graduation, have a lot of deep, emotional and twisted stuff. We’re really psyched about it.”

One of the characters going through a big change next season is Tyler, and actor Michael Trevino reflected on the changes he’s been through: “season one Tyler, I even despised the character. He was just a douche bag and there were no other qualities about him. But I did know from the books that I would become a werewolf, and knew that was the plan all along.

“Now that we’re in season four, I’ve been really blessed with four different characters; I was a douche bag jock, who beat people up for no reason; I had the werewolf trait to play with in season two; in season three I became the first successful hybrid, and now I get to play around with Klaus.”

But the big cliffhanging in the finale was Elena’s vampire fate and, when asked how she would play it, she said “it’s always been fun for me to make Elena and Katherine so different, because one was a vampire and the other was a girl, sweet Elena. How do you make Elena the vampire different from Katherine, and stay true to her?  It may be tricky, and I’ll be discovering it as we go along, but I think she’ll be defined by her experiences.

“We all grow into these people because of the experiences we have, and Elena’s had a lot of crazy experiences in her life. Everything’s going to be heightened and she’s constantly going to be struggling with herself, what she is now, and the fact that she never really wanted to be that.”

“These characters are wildly complex individuals that have spanned over a century of time,” Ian Somerhalder added, “and you’d think Damon, after so many years, would think before he does something, but still doesn’t. This metamorphosis of the guy is ultimately, at this point – he tried. He tried to do what everyone wanted him to do; he tried to be what everyone wanted him to be, and the bottom line is that he’s not a nice guy.

“Yes, he has a heart at times, but he’s not [a nice guy]. The reality of it is, this year is him saying, ‘you know what? I did everything you wanted me to do, I tried everything you wanted me to try, and it didn’t work’.”

The brother meant to be the ‘good one’ talked about his dark side. As Paul Wesley said “I always lean towards the dark side, and when I got to play the Ripper in season 3 it was a relief in a way because I felt like in season one and two he was such a good guy, and I thought that there’s no way it could all be based in the truth of Stefan. The truth of Stefan is that he’s so dark, so twisted and so dangerous that he covers it up with this sense of good will. But in reality, this darkness is so intense that he doesn’t know what to do with it, so just decides to rip people’s heads off.”

And what about Matt? “It’ll be a season of Matt trying to stay human, and whatever I have to do to do that, I’m up for. I’m proud to be the only human. I think Matt’s probably feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt right now, and asking ‘how do I serve a purpose in all of this now?’ I think that knowing Elena never wanted to be a vampire and never wanted to cause harm to anyone else, he could possibly offer up himself for her to feed on.”

Let’s hope that’s a legitimate spoiler, but if not then we still have dark Damon, guilty Stefan and troubled undead Elena to look forwards to. Is it October yet?


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