Review | Teen Wolf 2×08 ‘Raving’

After last week’s action-packed instalment, where most of the central mysteries were given a sliver of light, Teen Wolf shows absolutely no sign of letting up on its race for the big finale. We can only assume that this will be the most awesome finale in all of history, judging by how universally strong season two of the show has been so far. This week, both opposing factions, the hunters and the werewolves they hunt, come up with concurrent plans to catch or kill Jackson and the person controlling the Kanima. Of course, things don’t go the way either hoped, with the clashing strategies messing everything up.

The episode starts with a tantalising look into how the police are handling things, as Stiles and his dad go through the list of victims one by one. This might be a good time to rule out my previous theory that the couple killed last week were Jackson’s parents, as they’re on the list alongside the rest of the dead-uns. It turns out that the four who’ve been killed by the Kanima so far were in the same class in high school, making them the same age, too. This points the finger firmly at asshole teacher, whose name I can’t recall, but you’ll remember from his torturing of Stiles and Scott in previous weeks.

We then move on to Allison’s increasingly tragic story, as she continues to be pulled in various directions with increasing force. Scott expects her to keep their group’s secrets when dealing with the ongoing threat, but her much more capable family are also hunting Jackson, and she’s being interrogated daily. There’s also her secret relationship with Scott to deal with, and this week he asks her to date Matt the creepy photographer, just to keep up appearances. As her father tells her this week, the price of knowledge is responsibility, and Allison knows far too much about everybody.

Lydia is conspicuous by her absence this week, so who knows what evil deeds she’s getting up to. Someone who does feature heavily is Scott’s veterinarian friend, who knows far more than he’s letting on. Faced with Derek, Scott and the rest of the pack, he masterminds the plan to incapacitate Jackson with ketamine and trap him inside the underground rave everyone ends up in. This allows them to interrogate Jackson and find out who’s controlling his actions – it turns out that all of the people he’s killed murdered him, meaning the person controlling the Kanima is already dead. I guess that rules out the teacher, then. How this works is still unclear, but hearing a dead man speaking through a doped up Jackson is terrifically creepy.

Cutting a long story short, the person everyone was trying to save inside the rave ends up getting shredded anyway, and all of the animosity causes Mrs Argent to take a bite, too. Witnessing a passionate kiss between Allison and Scott earlier in the episode, she sees red and tries to kill Scott with vaporised wolfs bane. This is where things really get tangled, as it seems in order to save himself, Scott commits wholeheartedly to being a part of Derek’s pack, psychically calling for help. Derek seems genuinely panicked by this, which shows the good side of the character we’ve been missing for a couple of weeks. Welcome back, sympathetic Alpha.

But now the Argent matriarch is dead/a werewolf, and this could cause a lot of problems for the already fragile relationship between Scott and Allison. He’s now a part of Derek’s gang, and Allison will obviously blame him for what’s happened to her family – I guess we’ll be seeing the kick-ass warrior girl we’ve been promised all season. There’s also an ominous conversation between the vet and the guidance counsellor about ‘what’s coming’, which we can assume involved Lydia somehow. How will the two groups react to these new events? I have no idea, but I bet it’ll be exciting.


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