News | Glee’s Lea Michele talks Kate Hudson; Darren Criss wants The OC’s Peter Gallagher to play Blaine’s father

Ahead of the fall premiere of Glee season four, the cast have been gassing about what we can expect, and what they’d like to happen, in future episodes. Lea Michele was first up, as she revealed details of Kate Hudson’s guest appearance as Rachel’s NYADA dance teacher.

“I’ve heard that [Rachel] has a challenging dynamic with Kate Hudson, so we’ll see about that!” she told E!, adding to Perez Hilton, “oh my God, I’m like obsessed with her. I love her. She’s one of the greatest comedic actresses right now, and I just think she’s so pretty.”

But one actor she won’t be sharing much screen time with is off-screen boyfriend Cory Monteith, who plays Finn. Does this mean the end of Finchel (let’s hope so…)?

“I definitely think they saw us together a lot, so I think they want to sort of see what it’s like for them to sort of be apart for a little while now. I think that’s the dynamic, that’s the dance where they pull them apart and being them back together.

“I love working with Cory so I’m sad we won’t get to work together too much, but they’ll always be involved with one another whether or not they are dating.”

And in more speculative news, Darren Criss wants The O.C.’s Peter Gallagher to portray his character, Blaine’s, father. This seems to be based solely on the similarity of their eyebrows, so let’s not get too excited about it actually happening. Matt Bomer featured last year as Blaine’s brother, Cooper, to much fan approval. [Digital Spy]


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