News | Lori Loughlin’s Deb Wilson to return for 90210 season 5

Since departing the show, along with various other adult characters, in season three, we’ve only gotten snippets of information about what the Wilson matriarch, Deb, has been getting up to. Now, Lori Loughlin is set to return to the series in the fifth season premiere.

She originally left because her character wasn’t getting “enough to do”, which sounds fair enough to us, as the series was getting increasingly youth-centric as the characters headed towards college. Early last year, she said:

“It is a very big cast and it is hard to service all of us. The focus of the show is the kids [and] the parents were essentially there to service the storylines of the kids. Occasionally we got a few separate storylines, but it just wasn’t really working in a way that all of us had enough to do.” [TV Line]


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