News | Matt Smith talks new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman

We haven’t yet waved bye-bye to the Ponds, but all Doctor Who fans are gearing themselves up for a brand new companion, widely believed to be called Clara, and Matt Smith has spoken about his co-star. He told SFX magazine that she will be “very different” to Amy Pond.

“I think Steven’s writing her in a very interesting way – in a different way to Amy Pond. I can’t really tell you too much about her and her story because it’s all top-secret as always… but we’re very excited and we’re planning to make the show with her bigger and better than ever and just keep moving forward. Jenna’s doing a wonderful job, she’s a wonderful actress and very dedicated.”

On his departing off-screen companions, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, he added: “I’m going to miss them terribly. [But] it is a show that is always evolving and by its very nature regenerates itself so you’ve got to… move with the times.”


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