News | The Inbetweeners’ Iain Morris defends US remake

The Inbetweeners co-creator, Iain Morris, has spoken out against the fan hate generated by the recently released trailer for a US remake. While this was to be expected, it may not have been anticipated on the level that has transpired.

Writing on Twitter, Morris said “I’m not going to comment on the American Inbetweeners a lot because I have to use Twitter for more interesting things like complaining, but the pilot director, Taika Waititi, has made consistently funny TV shows and one of my favourite films of all time in [2010 comedy-drama] Boy.

“Brad [Copeland], the showrunner, is a very funny man who has worked on Arrested Development and My Name is Earl, two shows I love. Damon [Beesley] and I didn’t have a lot to do with it because we wanted it to be different and American, and it is, I think in a positive way. You might like it, you might hate it, but don’t pre-judge it. The original will always exist.

Lastly, I know people are only angry about the US Inbetweeners [because] they love the UK one, which is amazing really, and honestly appreciated.”

This is an incredibly, balanced, reasonable response to your baby being mauled, and then abused online so, for that, we applaud him. [Digital Spy]


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