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Review | Blackout 1×03

It’s been a strange, and not always consistent ride through the dark streets of Blackout – and now the final episode provides less of a conclusion than a symposium of tensions, concerns and themes. Daniel’s world is spiraling hopelessly out of control, and as it does so, each layer of deception is peeled away to reveal the ugly, disjointed … Continue reading

Review | Bedlam 2×06 ‘Reunion’

So we’ve finally reached the end of Bedlam’s issue-ridden second series, and this finale leaves us with plenty of exciting things to look forward to (should there be a third series), as well as some troublesome things to leave right where they are. Possibly as a reaction to the negative comments the show received this … Continue reading

Review | Blackout 1×02

Blackout returns to our screens with a solid, if uneventful, second episode. Things continue to unravel for Christopher Eccleston’s tortured Daniel Demoys, who is attempting to cleanse himself of both murder and addiction. This guilty secret, as any film noir fan could tell you, is just waiting to come out. The creators of Blackout don’t … Continue reading

Review | Teen Wolf 2×07 ‘Restraint’

I’m still waiting for the dip in quality for season two of Teen Wolf, but it doesn’t seem to be coming. Not only was this week’s episode action packed and full of relationship drama, but it set up countless twists and turns to come before the series is out, and is always fast paced enough … Continue reading

Review | Teen Wolf 2×06 ‘Frenemy’

Where other, lesser, shows would have dragged the mystery of the Kanima’s identity out for weeks, we actually found out that the weird lizard creature was Jackson last episode, and the special effects involved thankfully look miles better than they have in past appearances. But that’s not the end of the story, as Stiles and … Continue reading

Review | Episodes 2×01

Episodes, a joint venture from UK channel BBC and US network Showtime, was a curious little enigma last year, creeping in with much fanfare but getting little attention after the initial flurry. Ironically, or intentionally, this episode details the ins and outs of a US comedy launch, as Pucks finally hits the airwaves. Like the … Continue reading